The Shattered Kingdom

The Shattered Kingdom

By LaDonna Cole

Why are you still there?

Why have you returned from murky histories and tainted memories to stalk my dreams, a spectral waif coming as you please with kisses and caresses that cut like knives.

What twisted core draws you still when I know there is only a moth eaten tatter besmirched and forlorn left to wave for the kingdom we once shared.

Why do I still care?

Why do you walk out of my denial into the realm of delusional grasping, spilling your lies like seedlings into the fertile soil of soul and oh, what horrors grow there.

What mutated emotion springs up as weed to choke the tender cultivation ruining years of toil and tear to drag me into a grave of sorrow as rooted bitterness closes over to entrap me.

Why do I still lie here?

Where gnarled fingers intertwine and wrap me in hopeless reverie, under the weight of so much dung and dirt, pressing me to silent screams of suffocated entombment.

Why do you return after years of vacant throne to remind me of your power and press me to allegiance when I know you have abdicated the land of the living and roam only in the kingdom of shattered dreams.


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