Ring of Fire

Just the words “Ring of Fire” elicit so many pictures in my head.  I see a circus act, where acrobats whirl and spin between a fiery hoop.  My mind conjures up Dumbledore as he magics a ring of fire to protect him and Harry from the zombies in the black lake. I can see a ring of covered wagons being attacked by a band of Apaches, fire spreading from one wagon to the next.  My mind pictures Celtic druids standing within a circle of peat fires, chanting.

There is another image that comes to my mind.  A circle of writers who are on fire in their talents, circling around each other to support and kindle the flame to new warmth.

I am pleased to be part of a writing community that encourages me, educates me, listens to my rants about publishers and throws bananas to me when I need a smile.

At times their comments burn. I recognize something in my writing that needs improvement and it stings a bit, but then I learn and improve and the fire for writing spreads.

I honestly don’t know how we have any foliage left in our Blue Monkey Jungle.  These guys are ON FIYAH!


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