Tornado Watch for Bradley County?

NOPE, just me throwing a Class V Hissy Fit!


Super Cell deluxe after my son crunched the van into a barbed wire covered pole.  Scraped the side for about 3 feet!  Yep, took the turn out of the drive way ridiculously short and now we have modern art sculptured across the side of the van.  The just paid for liability-only-I-don’t-want-another-car-payment-van.

I popped! No excuses.  It was the proverbial last straw that broke the poor camel’s back.  (I’ve never felt more empathy for that camel, than I do today.) Hissy fit ensued.  Son was placed in metaphorical chains and hyperbolically forced to do hard labor.

Later I found him in the basement, barricaded behind a protective screen, shooting bad guys on his video games.  YIKES!

We eventually hugged and made up, but that scar down the side of my van is sure to bottom out the barometric pressure again before we can declare clear skies.

What incident caused you to spin about violently recently?  Oh, BTW, Anger Management Classes will start up soon.  I’ll be teaching on the Tornado Effect. *facepalm.


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