Full to Overflowing

Recently I posted an article about my muse, Gladys in Blue Monkey Writing@ WordPress.com.  Check it out.  I talked about how we need to feed our muse to keep her inspired to inspire us.

Anyway, I am at Tybee Island, GA. with family and we are having a wonderful relaxing trip.  I am steeping in nature and warm sun, soaking up rays, fighting waves and chewing sand.  It is glorious!  Gladys is a happy, happy little muse fairy.

Our first night here we were welcomed by a spectacular sunset.  The sky was full of beautiful clouds and the sunlight colored them in varied shades.I couldn’t stop gawking at the sight.  Bailey and I tried to wade through the water to get to a little island the tide had exposed, but we were in regular clothes and the channel between us was too deep.  A flash of lightning sent us scrambling back toward strand.  We settled down under a picnic table at Fannies on the Beach just before the rain greeted us.  We scooted back against the window under an overhang and munched on coconut shrimp while the tropical squall danced along the side walks.

It was a great first day on the Island.  I will never forget the sun kissed clouds and the pink beach sands.

Sunset Stroll

The second day we climbed 178 steps to the top of a lighthouse that was originally built in the 1700’s.  The climb was strenuous, but the view from the top was amazing.  I loved the story about the 14 foot snake that was found in the top of the lighthouse.  The whole keeper camp was sent into a frenzy as farm implements, rakes, hoes, boiling pots of water, and a shot gun were brought to bare on the reptilian intruder.  When they found him all 14 feet (minus 10) they defended the Island with all manner of warfare until he was no longer a threat.  I just couldn’t figure out if the minus 10 was because the first guy to see him exaggerated or if the minus 10 was after the  rake, hoe, shotgun, and boiling water had taken their toll.

Today was our third vacation day.  It started for me at Goodyear, getting a flat fixed and then turned into a full 2 tire purchase.  Better safe than sorry, right.  After I got back to the condo, even though my bed was calling my name…I didn’t sleep much the night before…the call of the beach was stronger.   Soon the clouds dissipated and the sun swam through a blue sky to shine on us as we frolicked with the waves and became magnets for the sand.  The sun was warm and the water tepid, but the wind had a bit of a bite to it so we abandoned the sand and surf after a couple of hours and went for a walk down the strand.

It is Pirate Week in Tybee, so we sauntered through the market, talked with store vendors, riffled through the chachkies, and struck up a conversation with a pirate.  He was disinclined to acquiesce to our requests, so we moved on after a few attempts at Parley.

We ended the night at the Dolphin Bay Bar and Grille.  Then came back to the condo for internet time, sleepy tea, and a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars and Storage Wars.  Stay tuned for the next blog about the last leg of our Tybee Island Journey.


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