The Adventures of Slinks and Imonk

Our two blue buddies had an amazing time in Tybee Island, Georgia this past week.  With bags packed and hopes high they set out to have grand adventures.

The social scene was a bit slow for them, but they did make one new friend.  He hung out on the balcony and kept a weather eye out, but for some reason, none of the other bird kind wanted to visit when he was around.  Though several did fly by and eye Slinks closely.





The next day Slinks and Imonk frolicked on the beach.  That crazy twosome decided to bury Slinks in the sand.  It took forever to get the sand out of his tail, but finally they did and moved onto other ventures.  They weren’t much for the water.  Slinks kept bouncing back afraid of even the ankle deep water.  He kept saying “Whose ankles? Not my ankles.”  Imonk just couldn’t coax him out into the waves.




Imonk isn’t edible, so he doesn’t have the same perspective as Slinks.


They did finally join forces in a sandcastle contest and took third prize for Most Likely to Collapse in the Tide award.













They didn’t do as well in the Pirate Costume contest as a sea tern flew precariously close and tried to peck the candies out of Slinks’ coils, causing him to bounce away screaming frantically, just as the judge walked by.  It sort of ruined their whole  “Arrrgh, we be scurvy dogs!” persona.

All in all the two best buddies had a wonderful island adventure and came home with only minor injuries in the form of sand flea bites.


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