Flash Forward Freak Out



Writing rules, grammar rules, punctuation rules!


They change quicker than I can keep up.  You take a business communication course and they tell you stay away from commas!  You read a Writing 101 book and they give you all the reasons you should use commas and all the latest rule changes.

Who is making up all of these rules?

Is there some avant-garde out there with official badges hanging around their necks?  I can’t find them.

But they are rampant!  Here are some of the latest changes that have lit fire to my agitation genes.

If the quote does not complete a thought, then do not capitalize the first letter outside of the quote.

Well here is my problem.  I was taught that a sentence only requires a noun and  a verb to be complete.   “Don’t throw that away!” She said.  She is a noun, said is a verb (well not in this sentence, but in the last one yes.)  Viola, complete sentence.  NOPE that is not what they want.

“Don’t throw that away!” she said.  Is now the preferable way of writing.  This is NOT what I was taught in grammar school.  Who made that horrible rule change?  It looks terrible! It looks like a mistake.

Now they are telling us, you don’t even have to have quotation marks around the idea… you still don’t capitalize that poor next sentence.   Ridiculous!

How many other rules have they secretly changed?  How are we supposed to know what the new rules are?

I think in 50 years after THEY get their heads on straight again and the rule goes back to a common sense ruling people will look back at our manuscripts and think we were a really stupid generation of writers and editors who couldn’t think our way out of a sentence to save our lives.

“Run for your lives!” she screamed.  SPLAT! She was crushed by the Capital S that should have lived in her sentence.

Come on, comment below.  Who do you think THEY are? Gnomes who live in the Library of Congress?  A secret society of librarians called the Illuminati? A conspiracy group of Publishers who are making up random rules to keep authors from publishing? A group of writers who make up new rules so they can make money from the latest edition of their Rule’s Book?

Who is making up all of these CRAZY rules?