Sepia London

The London trip quickly approaches and I am ready to pop!  I’ve never been out of the country before (unless you count Juarez, Mexico or flying over Canada to get to Alaska and I don’t count that), so I am ready to cross the pond!

I cannot wait to take a train to Stonehenge and look over the country side that is the home of so many of my favorite books.  I wish I could ride a horse, but me thinks it will be too cold for that. I am taking an empty journal, Netbook, and documentary app in my camera phone. Soaking in all of the writing fodder to last me a couple of years, I plan to breathe it all in and make it a part of me. Misty London

I am a little worried about getting all I need into that 50lb weight limit for the luggage. I plan to put all heavy items in my carry-on.  Any weight saving tips you have are appreciated.

My daughter wants me to be to be sure and let you all know that a ferocious dog (very like a werewolf), a black belt in Karate, and her boyfriend (see picture below) will be house sitting with her while I am gone, so criminals beware! We are well protected, not to mention, the TV is broke, there are no valuables in the house, and everything we own could be described as garage sale eclectic.

Dayla's new boyfriend.  Don't mess with this peach! (She is gonna kill me for this! LOL)

Dayla’s new boyfriend. Don’t mess with this peach! (She is gonna kill me for this! LOL)

So “Cheerio” and “I say ol’ chap”, and “God save the Queen.”  I will be brushing up on my Brittish in the next few weeks.  What about travel tips? Any travelers out there that have specific tips to make our trip more hassle free?  Scoop!



2 thoughts on “Cheerio!

  1. Ohhhh LaDonna! How you will soooo love England!!! Okay I went there two years ago before I came to Aussie and went on a literary writing tour for two weeks! How long will you be there?

    I recommend getting rick steves England travel book! It ha so many awesome maps, tips, how tos and also history facts here and there!

    Some things I absolutely loved in London! Make sure to check out Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park where the Peter Pan statue is. So worth seeing!!! Then also check out embassy road… It’s right in the Kensington area!

    If you wake up early in the morning and take the tube to the Buck House (Buckingham Palace) you can watch the colour guard and the change of command!) Very cool! (Hint… If there are colourful flags flying it means the queen is home!)
    Some other London musts- check out the British museum (the rosetta stone is there!) and the British Library (there are copies of Alice and wonderland, writings of toilkens, and much more!)

    If you are going else where let me know! I saw ruins of castles and Shakespeare’s house, grave, and garden! Liverpool was amazing- because I am a juice Beatles fan! 🙂

    Starbucks has free Internet if you get a card and put money on it for you to use. While I had been in London I would make my way to Starbucks in the morning to contact people!

    If you get a chance check out some of the English villages! 🙂
    If you have any questions let me know!


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