What if it Was?

Mayan CalendarRain drops percuss the tin roof of my home as the white lights twinkle in rhythm on my Christmas tree.  Cold gusts of wind whip the leaves in the front yard in spirals and the branches quiver and and weep as the rain hums me into lethargic intermittent slumber. Wrapped in a warm quilt with caramel mocha steaming a comforting aroma to waft around my dreams, I doze in and out of the re-runs on Netflix.

A thought occurred to me.  What if today was the last day? What would my last day on the planet look like?

I have often had thoughts like these.  Usually in the form of what if I only had a year, two weeks, two days to live? What would I do with my time on earth?  Grandiose ideas of travel or missionary work crowd my imagination in times like these.  But rarely does the end come with an announced expiration date.  More often than not, the end comes suddenly to those not expecting it.  Even those with terminal illnesses who are given a “heads up” rarely GO… without fighting for one more breath, one more moment, one more prayer or hope for another second with loved ones.  It is in our nature to grasp for life.

What if they Mayans are right and today is the last day we have?  What was your day like?  What did you do today?  If the world explodes and you wake up in your next life, what would be the story of your last day on planet earth?

My last day story is something like this…

I woke up and made a cup of coffee, turned on the Christmas tree and read a few blogs and status updates on facebook.  I greeted my son when he came upstairs and asked if I would drive him to the school to turn in some last minute assignments.  I drove him to school, read a book while I waited for him, took him to breakfast, came home and wrapped some Christmas presents, did the dishes and a load of laundry, searched the closets for a scarf I could not find, reclined on the couch and turned on Netflix while I surfed the internet, then curled into a ball under a colorful quilt and intermittently dozed to the accompaniment of the rain while sipping another coffee.

View from my couch

Welcome to my couch. This is what I see between my lashes as I doze in and out.

Not the high minded missionary work or reaching out to lost ones that I had planned.  Today, though much needed day off that it is, holds no miraculous epiphanies, no earth shattering revelations, no uncovering of hidden mysteries.  It is just a lazy day embraced in the warmth of love and home.  Honestly, I can think of no better way to spend my last day on earth.  Wrapped in the warmth of love and peace, listening to the sounds of God’s whispering showers.

I think I will call my mom, my sister, my best friends.  I will hug and kiss my children then I will stop by the jungle to hail my blue monkeys, write in my stories, and I will hypothetically end this existence in harmony with the call God has birthed in me.

What if it was the end? What does your last day on the planet look like?


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