Exhausted, can’t seem to get back on Tennessee time, little toe blistered, but WOW, what a trip!

TN London time

London did not disappoint! Beautiful city, decadent design, so much to do and see and we tried to do it all!  The English country side was breathtaking.


I will be posting pictures and blogs in the coming months, check out my Facebook page for a few already out there.

Today, I want to talk about the highlight of the trip — for me, anyway.

I am a big Stephen Lawhead fan. He is from England and writes fantasy stories about Celtic druids, knights, Arthur, Merlin, Robin Hood, and many other original stories with similar themes. One book series in particular The Song of Albion series talks about Ravens guarding the cairn’s and burial sites to prevent people from stumbling into the “other world”.  Since I have read several of his books, multiple times, it has taken on legend status in my mind.

So when I got to Stonehenge and was greeted by this site, you can imagine how excited I was.

The Guardian of Stonehenge Stonehenge is surrounded by burial mounds and is said to be the burial place of many prehistoric peoples.  To the right of this sign was an empty field, dotted with hundreds of ravens.  They flew all around the area, landed on the 2013-01-03 08.37.03monoliths and trilithons and had no fear of people.  Guardians of the Otherworld took their job seriously.  I was taken back to a scene in The Paradise War, by Stephen Lawhead.

“We thrashed our way along, stopping every few minutes to listen–I don’t know what for.  What I heard was crows. Faintly, at first.  But each time we stopped it seemed that there were more crows and louder than before.  Judging from the racket, they were gathering in the wood for the night.  Soon their raucous croaks and squawks were all around us…I gave [the cairn] a cursory glance for the thing that commanded my immediate attention was not the cairn, but the crow: a big, black, spread-winged menace watching us with a baleful bead of an eye from a low branch, its sharp black beak open. I fought down the urge to pick up a stick to protect myself.”

Sigh, I just love the way that man puts words on paper! Sheer genius!  Anyway back to Stonehenge.

Sending questions out into the universe, asking for understanding, I sought a La at Stonehengehigher knowledge of the place.  A deeply spiritual experience stirred inside of me that I cannot fully explain.  Whether it was the idea of millions of people through five thousand years standing at these stones seeking answers or God trying to break through the haze of travel craziness, I was instilled with the significance of this site.

What were these stones erected for?  Who undertook the great task of moving them here and arranging them thus? Why? What great happenings took place around these stones?  I had many questions that Trudy our tour guide, as knowledgeable as she was, just had no answers for.

Still questions ricocheted in my head, so I asked the only One remaining who actually knows.  Amused silence answered me.

It hit me that these questions have been asked for thousands of years, by millions of people and I just casually asked as though he had kept the secret just for me for five thousand years.  Stonehenge makes me smileJust waiting for LaDonna Cole to walk the circle and ask the million dollar question, he twiddled His thumbs for 5 THOUSAND years, waiting for me to get there and ask him.  I smiled at my own arrogance and turned in my headset as I headed back to the tour bus.

I got my answer, though at the next tour stop.  It was striking and vibrant and resounded with such truth, that it brought tears to my eyes and a tremble to my hands.  But, now you will have to wait for the next blog to find out what He said.

Until then…


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