The Guardian of Stonehenge

In simple patchwork fields of rich farmland, Lichen encrusted giants are anchored in the black loam of West Amesbury, England. Timeless forms jut from a massive grave as mammoth boulders mark the burial site of hundreds of ancient souls. Mystical lore surrounds this mist shrouded astrological clock. The remains of hundreds of young men encircle the prehistoric landmark and mounds containing history’s unknown dead dot the Salisbury Plain in all directions.

Who built this ancient monument?

What purpose drove them to this impossible undertaking?

Why have thousands of years of people laid their dead to rest at this site?

The eternal mystery of Stonehenge baffles mankind. Scientists, behaviorists, and spiritualists have journeyed to this wonder to study, intuit, and pray.

On January 3, 2013 this writer circled the stones in dew thickened air and added my own questions to the multi-millennia of inquirers who stood before me. What god was honored at this temple? How many lovers stole kisses beneath a Trilathon? Who absconded with the missing stones and where are they now? What stories could these monoliths tell of their human observers through out time.

Stonehenge was first dug around 5000 years ago in 2500 BC according to carbon dating of bones found at the bottom of the ditches.  Let’s get some perspective on this. These are approximate and widely contested dates, but you can get the picture.

Creation~4004 BC

Egyptian Pyramid of Djoser~2630 BC  (Earliest Pyramid)

Stonehenge~2500 BC

Noah’s Flood~2349 BC

Abraham in Canaan~2136 BC

Joseph Sold into Slavery~1900 BC

David Becomes King~1010 BC

Esther Marries Xerxes~331 BC

Jesus is Born~5 BC (I know? Right?)

With that perspective in mind, can you begin to see the significance of this ancient monument?

Trudy, the Tour Guide calls Stonehenge her favorite in all the world!  Watch this video of her explaining “her favorite” and giving us brand spanking new information about the origin of the Blue Stones and the Sarsen stones and people who brought them to West Amesbury.

As Trudy indicated Stonehenge is directly correlated to the people of the Bible.  Why did they walk all the way from modern day Iraq, cross an ocean, pick up 80 stones and add them to a temple site on an island country with an ancient and indigenous race of people?  Are the twelve white horses carved into the chalk around the area part of their handiwork?

The more we learn about Stonehenge, the more questions arise from the ashes of those who were buried there.  Will the stories of Stonehenge ever be known? Must we rely on conjecture and imagination to fuel our appetite for all that is Stonehenge?

The mist shrouded plain is haunted with the ghosts of those who rest beneath the shadows of the sarsens as well as the spectral waif of uncertainty, mystery, and intrigue.

Music by Roberto and Kimberly Rivera “Becharot” From Soaking Session 4.


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