Supernatural Flash Fiction Contest Winner


As promised here is the winning entry. This is a fictitious account of an actual event. Names and setting changed.

The Voice

The ancient building creaked and moaned in the wind. Rumblings and pops were as familiar to us as the whispered prayers and deep cries of intercession. Dim inside the sanctuary, the five of us were closed in with God, around tear-stained altars.

We had prayed for nearly two hours, crying out for mercy, interceding for our church, city, nation. Each of us took a private place in the sanctuary to whisper and pour out our prayers into the carpet. We came back together at the end of our individual prayers and sat in a circle on the floor at the foot of the podium.

Red eyes and streaked cheeks were the evidence that we had each touched the heart of God.

“I keep hearing this song in my head,” Dorothy whispered. “It’s just a short refrain over and over.”

“Sing it to us.”

Dorothy cleared her throat and softly sang out four eerie lines of melody with minor chords. The haunting refrain hung between us as we closed our circle even tighter.

A voice directly behind me picked up the tune and it rang out with such purity and clarity I turned to see who was singing. At the same time the other four women turned to look behind them. We had all heard the same thing at the same time.

“Did you hear that?”


“A woman’s voice.”

“Over there!” We all pointed in a different direction.

The place where I heard the voice was up near the ceiling. No human could be singing from there. We were the only ones in the building. No human voice could sound so clear and pure. No human voice could be singing from so many different places at once.

No HUMAN voice.

contest winner The Voice

If you want to hear a sample of the song that was sung, listen to this.  Found this song years after this event happened. Proves to me that the Holy Spirit sings in the hearts of people everywhere. We were just blessed enough to hear it with our ears that night.


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