Water balloonHello Friends!

Hope the first half of 2013 has been kind to you. Can you believe we are already nearing the half way mark?

I have started a launch team group for Book I of Finding Kate Trilogy, The Torn. If you would like to join the team, let me know. I hope to see a launch by the end of the year, unless I can get a publisher to pick it up between now and then.

The Torn is a Heartwork Village Story about Katie Lynn Wilson, a character I used to play when we promoted Heartwork Village Grief Recovery camps.  Katie is a teenager in the trilogy and deals with loss and grief in the books.  I hope that through the words, Kate’s path to healing will resonate with readers who have gone through emotional pain.  Her difficult choice between forgiveness or hatred can be a catalyst in readers to make a good choice. The deeper allegory of our battle between higher love and fleshly desire is one that we can all identify with.

Keep this series in your prayers, I hope we can launch several Heartwork Village Stories in the years to come that will impact lives.

There are many significant changes coming at the end of the year. I covet your prayers for direction as I move forward into the writing career.

Help me out by liking my pages, recommending them to your friends, and leaving comments or reviews when you see something you like.  Everytime you hit like on Facebook or Tweet a post, you are helping me increase a platform to reach more readers.

Here is my new author website: A work in progress: http://ladonnacolern.wix.com/ladonna-cole

Read more about Kate’s story at: www.HeartworkVillage.com

Follow my facebook author page: www.facebook.com/LaDonnaColeAuthor

A writer’s journey, though sequestered during the work in progress, is not a solo journey.  It is an adventure with the characters, readers, editors, beta readers, artists, and many who make the quest for the story a successful venture.  Thank you for being my quest partners in this journey!

Heads up! Our sphere is here! Hold on tight!


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