Book Review ~ Warrior of the Ages by S.R. Karfelt

Reposting this review in honor of this being the release date of  WOA!

Immortal Portals, not where you would think to find a book review. But this book has a special connection to this blog. First it is written by a very dear friend of mine, someone I look toward for mentoring in the writing craft. Second, the main character in this book is akin to the KING of the Immortal Portals. It is his duty to protect one.

Follow along as I take you into the world of secrecy, mystery, and adventure of WOA.

This is my image of Kahtar. Maybe Merlin’s Tom Hopper, aka Sir Percival will play Kahtar in the movie?



Move over Clark Kent, Edward Cullen, Hercules, and Damon Salvatore. There is a new immortal in town who has taken top spot in my heart. His name is Kahtar and he is drool worthy.

Kahtar is charged with protecting the secrets of his clan through out millennia, he returns each generation to guard an immortal portal. We find him in Willowyth, a small sequestered community as the Chief of Police, duty bound to guard the townspeople from outsiders.  Enter Beth White, gorgeous and feisty blond who blows into town determined to claim it for her home.  Beth has a secret of her own and it has the power to shatter the illusion that Kahtar has worked so diligently to protect.

A well crafted story that captures your imagination from page one. A story arc designed to snatch you away and whisk you through the portal into the ever place of the Warrior of the Ages. Well developed characters are the heart and soul of this tale, these people will become your friends as you cheer them on. Swords, bombs, cars, intrigue, rival clans, love, this story has it all.  The ending was satisfying and unpredictable. I found myself luxuriating in the final words, soaking up every last detail. A wild ride left me craving more.

Release date: August 15, 2013.  That is today folks! Go get it, you are gonna love it!

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6 thoughts on “Book Review ~ Warrior of the Ages by S.R. Karfelt

  1. I am floored, LaDonna! Thank you so much for this review! I don’t even know what to say – and that is really saying something – I cannot wait to give you more. It is an absolute thrill to share a story that has been my secret place for so long. To have it received with such enthusiasm is the icing on the cake in the castle.
    You rock. I’m really thankful we live in the same jungle.


  2. Wow, want to write book reviews for my blog as well? Great description. I was ready to get online and order it, then I realized it wasn’t out until August! Rude. Remind me. I definitely want in on a man who rivals Hercules 🙂


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