You Might Be Traveling with a Carnivore if…

Bahama Mama CropThe über busy Lee University student has finally come through for us and delivered her reply to the prior blog, You Might Be Traveling with a Vegan if…

Mom and Dayla

Welcome guest blogger, Dayla Cole.  Looking at a major in Political Science, Dayla has the heart of a philanthropist, SAM_0653the roar of a feminist, and the compassion of an activist. She returned from a trip to South Africa this summer where she worked at Bethesda Children’s Village with other Lee University students.  I am humbled and proud to call her my daughter.

You might be traveling with a CARNIVORE if…

Your hummus and bell peppers get strange looks

Every stop at a gas station, you pay much more money for your fruit cups and oreos than your carnivore does for her potato chips and soda.

You have to explain, again, why you can’t eat those chips, cookies, cheese balls, beef jerky, ice cream cone dipped in bacon grease….

Ten little words that make you cringe: “What can you eat here? I think they have salad!”

You’re applauded for your vegan concoctions at restaurants, while getting skeptical looks from the waitstaff.

You get to talk about factory farming and unethical business practices over veggies and rice.

You get to connect with your carnivore over her genuine curiosity and open mind. When two people who love each other travel together, there is always room for discussion of ideologies and morality. That’s the beauty of traveling, vegan or carni, you will always get to know your friends better on the open road.

"I don't want salad!" Vegan IHOP adventures

“I don’t want salad!” Vegan IHOP adventures