Immortal Portals LAUNCHES THE TORN!

The_Torn_LaDonna_Cole_FC-(72dpi for web)TIME FOR the NEXT GIVE AWAY! Get your friends in on the fun! If we can get the fb page up t0 165 likes, the we will launch the Blooper Reel and post another Prize Giveaway!

First item on the party mix this morning was a give away. We took all the names from people who checked they were coming on the event invitation, put them in and the winner of the cutest dragon hatchling is….

Jessica Stiles!

Post your address below so we can send your prize.

Now, read the rest of this blog and join the Quantum Jump Web Hunt for the ultimate grand prize of the day!

This book that I wrote in three weeks spilled out of me in February 2012 and I was amazed at how quickly it went down.  When I stepped back and looked at it as a whole, I realized the journey started back in 2003 when I created a non profit organization for children of divorced families, Heartwork Village.

The main character is almost as old.  On a promotion trip to California, I was asked to stand in front of a group of women and talk about Heartwork Village and explain why it was needed. Nervous, I stretched across the hotel bed and prayed. “Lord, how can I convey in a few minutes, the importance of grief recovery for a child whose parents have divorced.”

As I lay there, the image of a little girl came into my mind. Her name was Katie Lynn Wilson and she began to tell me her story.  When I got in front of that large group of women, I stood beside the podium and told them, “I brought someone with me today.” I took the left side of my hair and wrapped a rubber band around it.  “She is going to tell you, so much better than I can, why Heartwork Village is vital.” I put the other side of my hair in a ponytail and took out my earrings and became 6 year old Katie Lynn Wilson.

Katie introduced herself and talked about her bicycle and her birfday, and how mommy’s heart had a hole in it.  Katie became fearful when she heard her parents fighting in the next room and she begged them to stop, as she raised an invisible wall of protection to block them out. Before a minute passed, she had closed herself into an invisible box of pain and confusion.

Then I took my hair down, stepped out of he box and turned around to point to Katie Lynn Wilson. “There are thousands of Katie Lynn Wilson’s across America today.”  Using the curriculum points that we teach at Heartwork Village, I tore down the walls that trapped Katie Lynn one by one, took her hand and led her out.

People in that room reacted with near violence. They fell on their faces and wept, curled in their chairs and rushed in droves to the front to give to Katie’s cause. Afterward, they came to me with story after story. “My daughter is Katie Lynn.”  “I am Katie Lynn.”  “Sometimes Katie Lynn never leaves the box.”

Katie Lynn’s story touched many lives in those days. On November 25, 2013, ten years later. Katie Lynn’s story will be published in a YA fiction adventure novel. I hope you will be touched by her story as so many others have been.

Quantum Jump Web Hunt

Welcome to The Torn online release event! The Jumpers in The Torn are all given a survival pack to increase their chances of making it out of each quantum jump alive.  At each stop along the way, you will have to collect a survival item to put in your pack. When you get back to your starting point, come back to this page and post the list of your items in a comment on this pinned post. Every jumper who collects all of the items will be placed in a random drawing for the Grand Prize Package! An official Heartwork Village Jumper Survival Pack, filled with prizes and items you will need to survive, a signed copy of The Torn, Book One in the Holding Kate Series, and a Jump Jacket and t shirt of your own.

There is no rush to finish this event. Take your time and browse each site. The game will close at noon 11-26-13 and winner will be announced then.  Enjoy the trip. Don’t forget to leave a comment on each page that allows them.

I hear the screech of the sphere!

Leave a comment on this page and collect the item for your survival pack.

Take this item with you, write it down or copy/paste into a doc: What is the full name of the main character in The TORN?

Get started, go to this link:


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