What a Beautiful Day

floorbonlife-hdr-logoThe Torn, Book One of the Holding Kate Series is thoroughly launched! We partied until we were pooped!

Highlights of the Release Party!

…realizing my dear friend Dana Livingston postponed her vacation to come to the Release Party! It made my night.1467400_667577329940249_1993182041_n (2)

…Hearing Thousand Years, performed by Emily and having all the scenes of Kate and Corey falling through pink clouds run through my head.

…Gravity, performed by Hannah Boler, bowled me over! The inspiration for Kate and Trip’s unhealthy love became strikingly clear as Hannah’s unique and perfect dulcet tones ripped through my soul.

1465299_748850525129661_731346056_n…the love that surrounded me and the sheer joy that my friends and family expressed to me and around me as we celebrated this mile marker.

…having Rachel Bennett sit by my side and take care of the things I would have messed up in my state of sheer bliss. Her beautiful smile and encouragement kept me grounded when the surreal threatened to carry me away.

…hearing the soulful sounds of Kennedy Grace as she sang and played her heart out. What an amazing talent at any age! We have many years of this gift of song ahead and I look forward to more and more!1460158_748848795129834_35016826_n


…watching my son lead the evening from the mic with grace and dignity.

…making eye contact across the room with key people at key moments in the evening. So very special.1385897_667580746606574_791372418_n

…Annie and Hunter performing Immortal Song. It was a sobering moment when genius and talent collide to create a work of art, a sheer gift of beauty, a song that is embedded deeply in my heart, now.


So many people expressed kind thoughts and words last night. We signed books, ate delicious food and feasted on an air of warmth, love, and celebration.

More pictures soon!

Give Aways!

The winners from yesterday’s prize packages follow. Please leave me your address in the comments or you can email me at LaDonnaColeRN@yahoo.com.

Winner of Tornado Necklaces

Donna Kilgore, Joni Lynn, Isabel Berrios-Brown, Bailey Karfelt

Winner of Dagan Hatchling:

Jessica Stiles, Dana Livingston

Winner of Pet Tornado:

Hayden Spencer, Stephanie P. Karfelt, J.S. Bailey, Robin Harnist, Kimberly Robertson

Winner of Signed Copy of the Book

Bathsheba Dailey, Linnette Mullin, Tena Gilbert, Patty Love, and Ashley Wellman

Grand Prize Winner of the  Falling Spheres Quantum Jump Web Hunt and the Heartwork Village Survival pack is……

Kelsey Rae Keating!

Thank you everyone for participating in The Online and Bonlife The Torn Release Events! Ongoing give aways in the days to come!


15 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Day

  1. WHOO HOO! I’m so excited! I fell asleep just past the tornado scene and naturally I had dreams about giant tornadoes. So, now I get to wear one. Yay! ^_^ IT was an AWESOME event and so much fun. I’d say more, but I have a book to finish reading!!!


  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was just going through thinking “dang, I didn’t win ANYTHING”



    • Katie, I may carry a grudge with mother nature for awhile. So upset you couldn’t stay for the best night of the decade! On the flip side, I was so thankful to get to meet you in person and share a wonderful evening of talking writing, sushi, and a fun day of internet partying. So glad you got home safely.


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