Insert Carnival Music Here


Press play at your own risk.

Come one. Come all. See the amazing juggling superhero!

Yeah, that’s me. You can call me

The Procrastinator!!!

Juggling Super Mom

dun dun dun…..

I’m the superhero in the wrinkled cape with hairy legs poking out of her tights and a family of squirrels nesting in her hair, mask askew and slightly singed at the eyebrow area.

My one superpower? I can juggle multiple stressors; the flaming checkbook, the empty nest grief, the recently deceased family member, the caretaking of multiple friends/family members, the pending job loss, the major house repairs, the continued dual jobs, the upcoming book launch, the financial squeeze, Obamacare.  (okay, I just threw in that last one because everyone gets to claim that one as a stressor these days, right?) balls

So today two friends asked me how I was doing. Not the kind of friends that want to hear, “fine, fine.” But the kind of friends that really do want to know how I am. The friends who expect an honest answer.

They forced me to take inventory. How am I?

This juggling superhero image popped into my head and I had to laugh. By most standards, I should be falling apart. I should be a basket case, crying in my chocolate fudge lava decadence (since I can’t stand the taste of beer.) But that would require me to actually acknowledge my frailties.balls

The Procrastinator, frail? Never!  She just keeps throwing balls into the air, forget about catching them anymore. Mostly she stands in a hailstorm of juggling balls bouncing all around her, wondering if she should run after that one or not. Nah! It can wait until tomorrow, right?

The good news? I have a friend who stands beside me holding an umbrella over my head. He rolls his eyes at me and says, “I told you not to throw them in the air.”

He stays.

He waits.

He’s there.Umbrella

Even when I don’t acknowledge him for fear it will start a deluge of tears.

He stands ready, with a gigantic sponge, knowing the tears will come, sooner or later.

And he’s ready.

He is able.

He is not impressed with my superhero persona. (I mean really, is anyone? What a mess this Procrastinator!)

He knows the girl behind the singed mask.

He loves her.

Exhasperated SuperheroBlue Wilting Quill Queller



What is your superhero name?  See below.

Favorite Color+Birth Month+Time of Day you read this blog= Superhero name!

Super hero name


4 thoughts on “Insert Carnival Music Here

  1. Oh, LaDee, I heart this for so many, many reasons. (Not the least of which is finally understand the umbrella man reference 😉

    *hands you a net*

    Just let them fall. They’ll all stay off the ground still. Love yer face, LaDee. Love. Yer. Face.


  2. Wait, you don’t like the taste of beer? (No, I didn’t miss the point – but I do miss you friend)
    One reason why I love you so much is that though you pretend to fumble or awkwardly juggle, you really handle life’s … Stuff (we’ll call it stuff) with grace and with trust (because you know it’ll all be ok)… Love you, dude.


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