The Keepers are Coming, the Keepers are Coming!

It won’t be long! We will be launching 2 books in the Holding Kate Series.

The Keepers Files



A bridge book with scenes and clips explaining the origin of Quantum Jump Therapy, the mysterious three weeks of underground training for the Keepers Team, and the relationships between them. You’ll get songs from Jewel City and a host of other surprises.

The Keepers Book II of the Holding Kate Series

Fireflies bask

After three weeks of special ops training in a secret underground bunker, The Keepers team returns to Heartwork Village as a private task force. Their mission is to ferret out the saboteur tainting the quantum jump therapies.

Before someone else dies.

Corey, Kate, and Trip, joined by five others, are hurled into dangerous and fantastic jumps. Monsters, jackals, giants, and dragons threaten their lives as they maneuver through grief and loss, impossible choices, and heart-breaking revelations.

With a genius adversary manipulating their every move, and the team splitting apart, The Keepers must learn to control their growing disgust for one another and focus on identifying the enemy.

Stay Tuned!


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