Entrepreneur Musings

Today marks my first day as a full-time writer, entrepreneur.

It started off with a bang! I slept until 1pm. Yep, way to hit the ground running, right? But I’ve recently decided that I am not going to beat myself up over getting much-needed sleep. So when the Sandman sprinkles dream dust, I surrender to the pull of somnolence.  In this case, I just turned off the alarm and rolled over. The next thing I knew it was afternoon.


So I stumbled to the computer, sent off a few emails to book club members. (BTW: If you want a great book club to share ideas with, try out the sassy musers at Novel Musings Book Club on Facebook. They are giving away free books!) I slashed my steely blades through a friend’s call for beta work, ate some strawberries, sent off more emails, checked ACX to see if there were any messages from the voice actor for The Torn, Holding Kate Series audio production. Sent more emails, started a newsletter. I texted with my children, best friend, and made plans for a holiday outing. I had a web meeting with some partners, made some decisions, and shuffled paper work. Then I created a fabulous smoked salmon salad sandwich, paid the yard guy, and shivered with my neighbor over the discovery of a large black snake in her drive.

I welcomed a new member to the Read Write Muse, LLC blog at Readwritemuse.com, got her set up in the system, and had another PM meeting with partners.

Up next? I plan to clean out the Scriptorium, pay bills, and hopefully crack open The Source manuscript for continued edits before that Sandman comes calling again. But it’s already 7 pm! My how time flies when you sleep through the most of it!

I’ve accomplished quite a bit today, so no regrets. My heart is light and happy that I have this opportunity to be a full-time writer business lady. We’ll see how long it lasts. Follow my progress, ups and downs here.

Meanwhile check out this awesome cover that my publishing partners released yesterday! Thank you BHC for your excellence in book design. Book launches this month!

keepers 1.5

The Keepers File 1.5

Deep beneath the surface, a lethal strike force equips for a deadly mission.

Reeling from recent life-threatening events, Corey and Kate, with five others volunteer for special ops training. Sequestered in a hidden underground facility for three weeks, they undergo grueling physical preparation, learn the origin of quantum jumps, and gather Intel on the Inner Circle.

Tight bonds form as the team rallies and strengthens for a dangerous mission: To reveal the saboteur of Heartwork Village by entering the matrix of a homicidal genius.

Uncover buried secrets in The Keepers Files 1.5. Coming July 2014.


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