New Release

HwV Productions and Blue Harvest Creative are proud to announce the release of

LaDonna Cole‘s new novella bridge book.

The Keepers Files 1.5 A Holding Kate Series Book

At the end of The Torn, we left Kate and the team in a quandary. The safety protocols were not working and the quantum jumps had become dangerous. They suspected an infiltrator at the source level, the Inner Circle.

In book two, The Keepers, we find Kate and Corey and the team back at the village ready to launch into an investigation that could prove to be very dangerous.

But what happened during the three weeks between the two books?  The answers can be uncovered in The Keepers Files 1.5, released today 7-22-14. This quick read will give you insight to the three week training, the origin of quantum spheres, and a peek into the relationships that are forming between the team members. You’ll also get to see a couple of the original songs that were created by the 2 century jumpers and their kids.

Click over and get your copy today.

keepers 1.5Deep beneath the surface, a lethal strike force equips for a deadly mission.

Reeling from recent life-threatening events, Corey and Kate, with five others volunteer for special ops training. Sequestered in a hidden underground facility for three weeks, they undergo grueling physical preparation, learn the origin of quantum jumps, and gather Intel on the Inner Circle.

Tight bonds form as the team rallies and strengthens for a dangerous mission: To reveal the saboteur of Heartwork Village by entering the matrix of a homicidal genius.

Uncover buried secrets in The Keepers Files 1.5.


If you still need to read the first book, The Torn, Book One of the Holding Kate Series, get your copy today and join us at the Novel Musings Book Club. We are discussing The Torn.

Download a PDF copy of the Full Color Map of Heartwork Village.



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