The_Torn_Audio_Book_Amazon (1)The Torn, Book I of the Holding Kate Series is available on audio book. If you would like a free copy in exchange for a review on audible let me know. Reviews are important in getting new books the attention they need. For the first 5 people who comment below, “I volunteer to review the audiobook!”  and include your email address. I will send you a promo code for a free copy.  For those who are not sure you will be able to review but still want a copy here is the link.

Please help me spread the word by sharing the news with your friends and family.

Another nice bonus, if The Torn, Book 1 of the  Holding Kate Series is your first purchase with audible, I will receive a bonus and can redeem a large portion of the purchase price back to you. So if you have never made an audible purchase before, let’s talk business.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation.

To purchase: Click here


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