Book Release! Through the Portal: A Read Write Muse Anthology

It has been a pleasure to be counted among the amazing group of authors at Read Write Muse. When we first started our blogging adventure over two years ago, none of us was published and there were only about seven or so of us. We’ve grown to a total of sixteen now and seven of us have been published.  Well, today that number goes up significantly. Thirteen of the sixteen current Musers are now published with the release of our first anthology.

Through the Portal is a collection of short story fiction, songs, poems, and inspirational non fiction united by the theme of a portal.

Through the Portal: A Read Write Muse Anthology

The portal experts at Read Write Muse invite you to escape into imagination through this portal story collection.

Jump through time to new worlds, indulge in pizza, chocolate, and romance. Fight evil villains, transport with innocent souls, and glimpse into that final portal awaiting us all.

Authors, bloggers, song writers and poets collaborate to bring you stories sprinkled with ethereal prose, whimsical humor, and heart pounding thrills. Through the Portal beckons you to unlock the adventure.
Including the works of Annie Adams, Andrea Asay, J.S. Bailey, LaDonna Cole, Katie Cross, Laura Custodio, Rob Holliday, S. R. Karfelt, Kelsey Keating, D. M. Kilgore, Emily Grace Ogle, Natalie J. Pierson, and Kimberly Robertson.

RWM will donate $1 per book sale to a cancer related charity for one year.

portal FB cover banner



Blue Harvest Creative, our publishing partners, have designed a gorgeous cover and interior as well as e-book and print campaigns.

D. M. Kilgore and fellow Muser has featured the Mad Musers on her Musing Mondays column at her web page. She makes us sound so good!

Six Word Synopsis from some the Portal Stories

 My Daddy’s Hands: Poem honoring fatherly influence on daughter.

Suzy Quimby Rides the Bus: Flash Fiction

Portal Potty: Epiphanies happen in unlikely places.

Love Unleashed: Don’t poke the momma bear.

My Promise: When the cared for becomes the caregiver.

Puddle-Jumper: Somethings even time-travel can’t change.

 Portly Portal Problem: Immortal human gets stuck in portal.

Rochelle’s Pizza Run: Sometimes acquiring pizza takes drastic measures.

The Wish: Lost souls and sidewalk chalk.

The Bridge: Love lives on beyond the rainbow.

Other Real: Another reality shares our space.

Shadow Land Motel: Some tourist traps are literal.

Halcyon Catholicon – Step right up, another life awaits.

With Heaven as My Guide: Imagination is a portal to adventure.

Hotspot – The portal between places is thin.

Chocolate Brimstone: Boy seeks comfort over father’s death.

Machination – Some portals should never be opened.

Staring Down the Portal: Death’s face can be intimidated.

You don’t want to miss this lovely collection! Check us out here.


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