In Loving Memory of Roger Brothers

My uncle passed into the arms of Jesus yesterday. When we lose someone, the first thought that crosses our minds is ‘did he know how much I loved him?’

I tried to remember if I’d ever told him how much he meant to me. Did I say ‘thank you’ enough for him to hear? Did I express how important he was? A blog came to mind. I wrote it in December 2012 after reading a status he posted on Facebook. His words were worth repeating then and they are now.

Uncle Roger, I know this is a busy welcome home week for you. You have so many people to catch up with, your dad, my dad, other’s who have passed ahead of you. For all I know the next hundred years or so maybe completely devoted to staring into the face of Jesus.  But when the time comes to check in on us. Know that you are ever loved. You are important to our lives. We are richer, more confident, happier for knowing you.

Thank you.

So, readers, once again I give you

Be a Doer, not a Don’t-er

There is a man in my life that has been there for me through thick and thin.  As a child he was my playmate, big brother, aggravation, torturer, and friend.


My first playmate!

When I was sixteen and my parents divorced, he was there to support me. We traveled in a singing group with my aunt and her family the summer it all fell apart.  He was a rock for me. He sang and played at my wedding. Part of why we bonded was that we both love to sing for Jesus. He would write the songs and push me to sing higher, lower, or better.  He spent hours over a keyboard writing songs and making tracks for them so I could make an album.

He is still in the studio, making music!

He is still in the studio, making music!

Then he spent more hours in the studio, mixing, singing back up and adding effects.  He never asked for payment.  He would just say “When you make it big, you can pay me.”  I honestly felt like he thought I could do it. When my marriage began to fail, he gave me sage wisdom and support through it, while encouraging me to stand in my faith without wavering. When I found an outlet for my grief and pain and decided to write a curriculum to help children of divorce and start a non profit ministry, he called me to California and promoted my vision alongside his and Connie’s ministry. He has always been there for me.  I love him, dearly.  So, now, I introduce to you the writings of my uncle and friend, Roger Brothers. The following was posted on Facebook 12-8-12.

I want to say that it is totally your business what you do as a parent, as long as it’s not abusive in any way.. TOTALLY. But as a Christian, you have to decide what club you want to belong to and raise your kids in. The “Don’t” club, or the “Do” club. If you raise them in the don’t club….don’t do this….Christians don’t do that…..they will grow up to resent Christianity. Instead, we taught our kids (which are all in the ministry) to be a member of the “DO” club. Remember, the Apostle Paul said “All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient.” Teach your kids the things that are expedient, and they will love you for it, and love the church, and serve Christ.


He is in there, can you find him? Look under the Santa hat.

No one here was raised any stricter than I was. I was raised in the “Don’t” club. I was taught that it was a sin to go to football games, movies, baseball, basketball. go bowling, to the fair, rodeo, and anywhere else that was considered fun. One of the biggest fights me and my Dad had was when, at 16, he would not let me go to the Beaumont Fair. I was not allowed to participate in sports, play in the band, dress out for P.E., etc. etc. I earned my P.E. credits washing jockstraps. I was ridiculed, called names, and thought to be a weirdo. ANYONE who went to school with me knows I was a miserable, wretched outcast until about the 11th grade when I began to change things. 2 Weeks after I graduated, I left for Louisiana. Anything to get out of the don’t club.


Roger loves his grandbabies.

So, believe me when I say, you had better not teach your kids to be members of the don’t club. Thank God, I have come out of all that legalism, and have raised my kids differently. Be a do-er, not a don’t-er! Love!

Roger and ConnieRoger and Connie Brothers currently live in Texas where they pastor 123 Church.  They have touched lives over many years across the nation.  Check out Brothers Family Ministries at http://www.ConnieBrothers. com


4 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Roger Brothers

  1. So sorry to hear about Pastor Roger Brothers. My wife and I spent several years with him, Connie and the kids at Calvary Temple AG in San Antonio. They were the most down to earth pastors we ever met. Pass on our condolences to Connie and the kids.

    Jesse & Linda Gonzales


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