Miraculous Monday: Money from Heaven

Heaven Spills



There was no money.

The cupboard gaped, bare. Rice giblets glued to syrup drippings clung to the corner and an old can of water chestnuts remained to witness the emptiness. Company on the way, she knew she had to buy groceries.

She got in the car and prayed it would start. Turning the key, she sighed when the engine sputtered to life. She pulled onto the highway with a prayer on her lips. “You will provide.” All the sermons about trusting, believing, and miracles paraded through her head. “You are the provider.”

She slowed as a stop sign drew near and eased the old car to a halt. Other cars took their turn, then she pressed the pedal and pressed the heavens. “You will provide.”

Before she could pick up much speed something fell from the sky and plastered against the windshield. It was a $20 bill. She pulled over, got out, and picked up the bill, turning it over in her hand. Jaw dropped, her attention was drawn by another bill flitting down and landing beside her.

She looked up. Bills rained down on the road. She rushed to gather them up, wondering why the other cars weren’t stopping. Gathering all the money, she cast glances into the sky, wondering where this money spilled from.

She completed her grocery trip and had enough left to pay a bill. She will never forget the day money spilled from heaven.


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