Face Lift

A teen girl takes a wrong turn after her parents divorce and finds herself in a recovery center that uses quantum jumps as grief recovery.

Twelve weeks of fun focus sessions where kids and teens play their way through the stages of grief recovery.

A middle school foster kid connects with a family who walk with him through recovery from loss.

Sammy has a secret and he carries it with him through every moment of his life.

What do you get when you mix a monkey and an elephant? You get an elephonkey. Children learn about blended families.



It doesn’t matter what I write, the theme of grief recovery comes through loud and clear, so this blog is getting a face lift. We are going to concentrate on the stages of grief and how to write a better story for  ourselves and our loved ones.  We’ll take excerpts from stories and curriculum to start a conversation. We’ll discuss the stages of grief, symptoms to be aware of, and how they affect different age groups. We’ll even hear Excerpts from the Experts.

Grief is temporary. It is a state that fills the vacuum left by loss. It passes. Joy never dies. It is the state of your immortal soul. This blog provides windows of escape, stories of passage, portals from temporary grief-stained moments to the immortal staying well of Joy.

Welcome to Immortal Portals.

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Stages of Grief

1. Anger and Denial: I clump these two together because they are waltzing partners. About the time you realize you are well entrenched in one, the other takes the lead and spins you around in 3/4 time.

2. Bargaining:This stage takes a different face depending on your age and circumstance. We will explore all the ways that children, teens, and adults bargain their way through loss.

3. Despair: The crash, the burn, the lowest of lows. Don’t let this one destroy you. It is actually significant. It tells you that you are just about done. You’ve stopped blaming and playing games. You are ready to heal.

4. Acceptance: You are ready to step through the portal into your natural state of being; Joyful.

5. Staying Well: I add this one as the fifth stage of grief because it takes awhile before the portal you’ve stepped through stops trying to suck you back to the side of sadness. It is important to anchor yourself firmly through active staying-well activities.


Taking Back My Immortality

So today, I leave you with an Emotive Educational Activity. This is something you can do for yourself. No matter where you are in your recovery from loss, this EEA will help you.

Get a pen and paper. Think of the last time you felt real cheek-burning-soul-swelling-sparkle-bubbly JOY. Write down the experience. Describe the feels it gave you. Where were you? What was happening? Write down as much detail as you can. Conjure up the feelings, relive the moment.

When you get to the peak of that feeling, send out into the universe the thought “I’m taking back my immortal joy.”

Try to repeat this activity every day for as many joyful memories as you can evoke. Don’t forget the last step. At the peak of your remembering, speak, think, grab a hold of “I’m taking back my immortal joy.” Call it to you.

Until next time, friends.

Immortal Joy



8 thoughts on “Face Lift

  1. The last time joy comes to mind is riding in a bus over the Golden Gate Bridge and the driver put San Francisco on his ipod and blasted it.. Shortly before that I stood at the base of giant redwoods looking up. But sometimes joy is fleeting and might sound small but it never really is: my husband snuggling against me on cold nights, my sonic toothbrush (might have a problem there, should I love a toothbrush?), laughing with my kids, it’s a long list.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I really believe joy is the place where our hearts reside when at peace. Loss causes a vacuum and grief crawls in to take the place of joy. But it’s only supposed to be temporary. Joy is our reset state. I love how in touch you are with your joy. Even your toothbrush? That is probably why I adore you. You are a joyful person.


  2. You have GOT to try a sonic toothbrush. Some of the best advice I ever got, back in the day when I used to *ahem* crash lectures even though I was actually a stay at home mom and didn’t go to school there (hehehe), was from a psychologist. He suggested we make “Joy Lists” of 100 things. It was hard to think of 100 things, but after awhile I started to understand how small they could be. Lucky Charms. Good Chapstick. A friendly cashier. Make one! I highly recommend it.


  3. Snuggling up to hubby is always that heart swelling moment…that and standing by the ocean. We saw a sunset a week or two ago, and the whole family sat on the beach watching the gold then scarlet orb dip into the ocean and disappear…the fire in the sky was pure joy inducing!


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