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Grief and Loss: Part 4 Let It Go

Photo Credit: <a href="">EMP Museum</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>No, I’m not going to break out in a Disney tune. But the premise is the same.

“Auuuuuuugggggg!!!!” Can be a powerful tool. Part of the damage that grief, loss, and especially anger is allowed to do, is because we have bottled it up. We don’t want others to see us lose our composure, so we resort to short periods of leakage. We seep our way through the grieving process because people are around to be supportive and we don’t want them to see how deeply we are grieving. We try to protect ourselves from a negative reputation or protect them from witnessing the depth of our despair. How backwards is that? The very people who are there to hold us up end up being a hindrance to the grieving process. Tears moisten our lashes while we blink furiously and turn our faces away. Anger builds pressure in our chests and we release tiny spurts of it as we snap at the people we love the most.

It’s time to go nuclear.

Emotive Educational Activity #4 Go nuclear!

Speak: This one is going to be fun. No words required. Just fill your lungs with air and scream.


Write: Throw your pencil down.


Action: This works best if you have a place far away from others. Drive into the country. Bring a trusted friend if you need to. If you can’t get out to open empty fields, find a big fluffy pillow.  Fill your lungs with air and SCREAM!  Scream loud and long. Scream high and low. Dig that scream up from your toes and LET IT GO!  Scream until the ridiculousness of it all breaks through, then let yourself laugh and scream some more.

Now go pick up that pencil.

Write: How did the scream make you feel? Did some pressure come off your chest? Did you feel silly? Will you do it again?

Remember the exercise you were supposed to think about a few weeks ago? Put it in place. Start walking, running, playing tennis, Tai Chi, whatever your activity was, it is time to put the plan into literal motion. Find time today to start exercising. You will be amazed at how well this works at ridding your body of the toxins of grief. Don’t forget to hydrate!

Grief and Loss: Not So Pretty Little Liars


As writers, we often deal with what Steven Pressfield, in the War of Art, called resistance. Basically, it is our own self-sabotaging behaviors that keep us from getting the Work-in-Progress finished. Whether you are an artist, a writer, a dancer or any form of creative expressionist, as a sensitive soul you are subject to this foe.

Whether you are a sensitive soul or not, if you have experienced a major loss you will enter the stages of grief. Resistance exists in those stages.


Grief has a form of resistance called denial. It is smart. Grief knows the minute we start to accept loss, that despair will take over. Since despair sounds like such a horrible thing, we resist it with everything we have. The truth is that despair is the first sign you are moving toward acceptance and healing. We don’t need to fear it.

Ah, but resistance in the form of denial doesn’t know that. Grief and Loss have adopted denial as the major weapon against despair. And it’s a sadistic weapon that turns on you, jabbing you in the most vulnerable places. Every lie you’ve every believed about yourself will emerge.

Some common lies that grief uses.8342876469_93541f5610_b

“I deserve this loss.”

“I’m a bad person.”

“I don’t deserve happiness.”

“There is something wrong with me.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“It’s all my fault.”

“I can’t cope.”

“I’m too weak, frail, fragile…”


Recognizing the lies is hard when your thoughts are clouded by pain, questions, and confusion. But these lies will lead you down the path of depression where ruts are formed in your psyche. Once you fall into the ruts, it’s very hard to climb back out. NOT IMPOSSIBLE, but difficult.


If you find you are already there, stuck in a cycle of self-deprecation, you can take steps to end the cycle. If you are just entering the stages of grief, these steps can help you recovery more quickly.

Start here.

Emotive Educational Activity: 3 Confront Lies


“I can’t do this.”

Grief crawls out of the shadows and pokes at you. Often it will lie to you and make you feel the situation is too big. Try to recognize the lies for what they are.

Speak: I will recognize lies. I will not be deceived.

Write: Make your own list of lies you have heard from loss and denial over the last few days. Beside them, write the truth.


Action: Today we are going to shop. Find something tangible to represent the loss. Choose an object that will fit into your palm or that you can wear or place in a pocket. Some ideas: an inexpensive bracelet or ring, a coin for your pocket, a lock of hair, a dried flower petal, a cheap locket. Make it something you will not mind losing, but also not mind having on your person. It will be with you for a while. You can shop around your house, Macy’s is not required. Once you locate your memorandum, associate it with a good memory. (For me it was a glass beaded bracelet on elastic. I associated it with fishing trips I had taken with my dad.) Now, put it on, pocket it. Every time a lie assaults you, touch the memorandum and let the beautiful memory remind you of the truth~ Joy is real and mine for the taking.

Grief meme

LaDonna Cole RN BSM CART is an RN Psych Nurse, specializing in Grief Recovery. She writes therapeutic stories to motivate readers through the journey of grief to recover joy. See more of this Grief and Loss series here.

Grief and Loss: @!*D$&%@!!!!! Anger Management

Anger swings to the forefront of your grief process. What do you do with the build up of adrenaline that churns at your gut, or broils in your chest, or clamps your teeth like a vice?  If your loss affects the whole family, you will see your children react with energy bursts in their hands, feet and mouth. It’s important to give these energy bursts an outlet before they build pressure and start to have a negative effect on your body, or leak out to hurt people you love.

Photo Credit: <a href="">DOS82</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Adults need to embrace exercise now more than ever. When you are feeling loss, your instinct may be to shut down, sleep, and just sit on the couch. It is important that you find time to peel yourself off the sofa and move your body. Go for a walk, a bike ride, to the gym. Do something to sweat out the toxins that grief and anger dump in your system. Sweat and tears are your friend right now. They carry away the poison of loss. Stay hydrated and go sweat.

Children need to be given permission to release the wiggles.

  • They will have a burst of energy and begin to scream or shout. The worst thing to do is tell them to be quiet. That will just cause more anger. Give them a pillow to scream into. Encourage them to scream it out into the pillow any time they feel the urge. After a family loss, I took my kids out into the country, far from people and we had a scream. We bellowed loud and long into the empty field and ended up falling on the ground, laughing at the silliness of it all.Photo Credit: <a href="">CROWLEY PHOTOGRAPHY</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
  • Children will pinch, hit, slap, push. Explain that it is inappropriate to hurt people or animals, but you understand they need to express with their hands the anger inside of them. Give them something to do with their hands. Put on boxing gloves and give them a bean bag to punch. Take them to a tennis wall or racquetball court. Let them hit balls against a wall for as long as they need to. A volleyball against the side of the house, a batting cage, find an age appropriate way for them to expend the energy in their hands. (Hey, join in, you probably need this too!)
  • Another place that energy builds up for kids is their feet. They may kick, stomp, run in Photo Credit: <a href="">CrazyCarrot1</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>place or jump up and down. When you see this, introduce opportunities for them to expel energy. Jogging, running, dancing, karate lessons, trampoline, dog walks. They need to know what they are feeling is normal and have permission to move their feet appropriately. After my divorce, I bought a trampoline for my kids. We all used it. It was great therapy.





Emotive Educational Activity: 2 Taking Control

“She left me to deal with this mess!”

In those moments when denial is asleep and the reality of it all comes crashing through, you may experience great anger at the situation. This is normal. It is part of the process and cannot be skipped and should not be ignored.


Speak: I am angry at (name the loss).

 Write:  Write a short note to your loss expressing your anger. “Dear Absence of ____, you frickin’ idiot! How dare you leave me at this time when I needed you most!”  Use your own words and express the anger broiling in your chest.

Action: It’s about to get physical up in here. Make a mental list of physical activities that you can do. Identify something you can do that is physical to deal with the adrenalin that anger releases into your system. Today is not about actually getting off the couch, it’s just about thinking about physical activities. What are some things you can do? Walk, yoga, hit some balls, run, beat up a pillow. Of course we’re not going take frustration out on another person or animal, but you need to release the toxins that have built up in your body. List three physical activities that you used to enjoy or that you’ve always considered.


Pro crop flip


LaDonna Cole, Author is a Psychiatric Nurse and Anger Management Therapist. She specializes in story therapy, writing books and stories that encourage recovery. Check out her books here.

RELEASE DAY: The Sphere Chronicles

Yay! It’s here. The next installment of The Holding Kate Series; The Sphere Chronicles! The bridge book 2.5 to get you ready for The Source, Book III in the Holding Kate Series.



Isn’t she gorgeous? This collection of short stories is the perfect fix for Heartwork Village and Ampeliagia fans alike. Hop a sphere to Galapagos, Italy, and Hawaii, for harrowing adventures with sharks, playful encounters on beaches, and star-gazing romance. Take a sphere to the past to encounter the early years of some of your favorite Holding Kate characters. Take a jump through the veil to Jewel City thousands of years after Corey and the chartreuse team founded it. Meet their descendants and fight with the Cheleuthi warriors. Romance, ghosts, beach bumming, dragon slayers, unrequited love, and a kiss to spark a fire to your Kindle, this book brings Spheres right to your imagination. (Oh and zombies. Did I forget to mention the zombies?)

Something for everyone.

Click to purchase.

“I read a story a day. The stories are just right with a cup of coffee in the mornings.”

“I’m crushing on Staid.”

“I was right there under the stars with them.”

“Makes me want The Source to hurry up and get here.”



The Sphere Chronicles: Jump a Sphere into Imgagination


The Sphere Chronicles

In the sphere…anything can happen.

Explore the early years of some of your favorite characters. Take the lost zombie jump. Get to know the descendants of the two century jumpers. Travel to exotic locations to fight sharks, surf waves, and visit a haunted Italian Villa. This collection of short stories is the perfect fix for Holding Kate Series fans.

Heartwork Village friends as you’ve never seen them.


Jump a sphere into imagination on March 10, 2015


“Trouble just seems to find me. I don’t go looking for it. It just sniffs me down and before I know it—BAM! Detention, right between the eyes. Too many of those and “hit the road Jack,” expelled. Well, on this fine November morning, trouble’s nose just happened to be on the face of the kid two rows over and three seats up in homeroom. He singled me out from the moment Ms. Plummer stammered, “C-class. This is Donald Dungeon…”

Stars border

“Macy took Dirk’s hand and led him along the corridor, stepping gingerly around dead bodies.”

Stars border

“I pressed the razor against the scar on my thigh. A line of red beads rose to the surface, shiny and glistening against the white skin. Fascinated, I watched them grow and then merge, forming a long trickle as gravity forced the scarlet line between the ridges of my scars to race toward the ground.”

Stars border


“Bodies staggered toward them, moaning and gurgling, dripping black ooze from multiple wounds. Limping and struggling, bones protruding from flesh-peeled fingers, they groped toward the group of teens.”

Stars border

“I must tell you.” The eerie voice reverberated in the darkness. “I must… I must tell…must tell you.” Echoes overlapped and gnarled together like roots of an ancient elm. Some sounding as distant screams, others as whispers of breath on the ear.”

Stars border

“Quite possibly the most perfect first kiss ever, with the surf at their backs and the stars swimming above, their blood pumped in rhythm with the energy of the night.”

Stars border

“The evil dragon, Dracosphynx, bellowed in rage, rattling the teeth of the strike force. His red hide glistened, covered in shimmering iridescent scales to his chest. Toothy spikes lined his back and tail, and his muscles rippled in exertion.”

Stars border

Staid pushed up from his stool and stood, emptied his tankard and said, “There is nothing greater than love, Bard.” He set his cup down and poked Manifus in the chest. “You should know this.”


Read these stories and more in The Sphere Chronicles on March 10th.