Designing The Sphere Chronicles By LaDonna Cole

Oh the beauty!

Blue Harvest Creative

Our latest design is for BHC Author LaDonna Cole. The Sphere Chronicles is book 2.5 in The Holding Kate series—a YA action, adventure, fantasy romance series that has something for everyone. The Sphere Chronicles is a novella-length book comprised of ten short stories featuring characters from the series.

The Sphere Chronicles is now available in trade softcover and eBook on both Amazon US and Amazon UK.

To purchase on Amazon click HERE:


In the Sphere…anything can happen.

Explore the early years of some of your favorite characters. Take the lost zombie jump. Get to know the descendants of the two century jumpers. Travel to exotic locations to fight sharks, surf waves, and visit a haunted Italian Villa. This collection of short stories is the perfect fix for Holding Kate Series fans.

Experience the Heartwork Village friends as you’ve never seen them before.


Print and eBook Front Cover Design


Full Print Wrap Design



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